Terms & Conditions

In case the diverter valve cannot fit in your faucet (different diameter), e-Shop can provide various faucet accessories for installation.

Cancellation and refund policy on e-Shop:

1. e-Shop only proceed orders shipping to Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

2. Please keep all receipts after purchase and kindly call Customer Service hotline within 7 days for installation. For unsuccessful installation, customers must provide order number. Those items have not been used can be refunded. Customers must bear the cost of logistic.

3. In case of any refund, kindly return all gifts, redemptions, gift vouchers, cash coupons along with the original set. If customer cannot provide or those items that have been used, amount will be charged according to its listed price on e-Shop.

4. Refund will be issued align with the payment method during purchase. Credit card payment will be refunded to the account paid only.

5. Any used coupons will not be reissued.

6. All refund procedure takes 4-6 weeks’ time.

7. Please contact Customer Service Centre within 7 days in case there is any malfunction or quality issue of product.

8. Refund is applied to any unsuccessful installation of water filter series (except filter candle and accessories).

9. All courier or delivery of filter candle should be checked immediately. Any exchange of filter candle please contact Customer Service Centre within 7 days.

10. All orders confirmed on e-Shop are not allowed for change or cancellation.

11. In case of overpayment (not related to technical problem), the outstanding amount will be converted to e-Shop Points and return to the e-Shop account. If customers insist return in cash, an amount of 10% of the total purchase, or minimum HK$100 (whichever is higher will be considered) will be charged as the service charge.

12. e-Shop reserves the rights to change, modify any terms and conditions without prior notice.